Indoor roller blind

Indoor Roller Blinds

Bespoke manufactured to suit any commercial or residential setting.

The R-Series is a collection of internal and external roller blind systems which can used in any residential or commercial setting. Roller blind products are available in two contrasting styles – standard gravity drop blinds (dropping from top to bottom) or more bespoke tensioned up-lifting (from bottom to top) operation. These styles are also bespoke designed and manufactured to operate into any angle to the vertical (like the Marine Hall, Fleetwood project). The R-Series is also available in bespoke size dimensions, to suit your application. All blinds are available as either manual or automated operation, and come in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs.

Indoor Roller Blinds Videos

These videos are designed to help you understand features and installation

Video thumb roller bridgewater

Garden Centre Roller Blinds

RHS Bridgewater, Worsley

Video thumb roller r103


R103 by James Robertshaw


Our Indoor Roller Blinds Range

Standard Roller Blinds

  • R103: Standard and Greenhouse Roller Blinds – The R103: Roller Blind systems are simple in design, stylish and easy to operate. The blind is rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading using a choice of operational methods, either chain, gear or automation. With an exciting mix of dim-out, blackout, screen or acoustic fabrics available to complement any interior design scheme, the R103: Roller Blind systems are designed to ensure quality and consistency across a wide range of sizes and weights. Our greenhouse blinds can be easily installed on the internal framework of greenhouses to help prevent plants from getting too hot during the summer months. The R103: Roller Blind systems are also available with sleek cassette, which are fitted to the top of your blind, discreetly housing the operating mechanism options. Depending on blind size, stainless steel guide cables are also available. Bespoke branding available.

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