Freestanding awnings

Freestanding Awnings

Create beautiful ambient seating areas anywhere, without the need for pre-existing support.

Freestanding Awning key features

These products allow for sun and rain protection to be erected away from any building. They are very adaptable and diverse in size and application.

Independent free-standing structure

As the name suggests, these are free-standing awnings so need no adjacent building to support them. Made from robust materials, they will cover an impressive area and withstand the elements without the need for additional support.

Maximise outdoor spaces

Maximise any outdoor space by placing free-standing awning canopies away from buildings on patios, terraces or garden areas. These retractable covers will fold away neatly when the sun is out and effortlessly extend to cover seated areas in less desirable weather conditions.

Dual-sided projection

With its main support running down the centre, a dual-sided canopy projection can be utilised allowing for an impressive 63 square metres of shaded cover. Each awning canopy can be independently retracted to suit required needs.

Lighting, heating and audio extras

All our systems can be fitted with high-quality additional extras, such as lighting and patio heating, plus integrated with audio controls. Make the most of your outdoor living space with complete ambient and atmosphere control.

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Save money, reduce bills and save the environment.

Any of our products that hold our passive energy saving seal, aren't just cost saving by lowering energy bills but as a results are also more sustainable for the planet

Understand Energy Saving

Find the perfect Freestanding Awning for your outdoor space

With several styles to choose from and countless options available, James Robertshaw is a free standing awning UK manufacturer that can meet any requirements.

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JR A104 Wing Line Yates Worksop 2 sm


Wing-Line protects diners from the sun but also more importantly any adverse weather conditions providing a reliable, durable and dynamic shelter.

  • Ideal for open spaces
  • 63m2 maximum fabric coverage
  • Cost-effective covering solution
Duox sm


The Duox is a self-supporting awning system that starts from a single central roll-up tube to provide shade and cover on both sides.

  • Easy adjustment of folding arms
  • 36m2 of shade and coverage
  • Strong structure (MONOBLOC awning installation)
JR W Series Ricci Parasol Modo Concert Square Liverpool 53
Case Study


Situated in the buzzing centre of Liverpool nightlife, Modo cocktail lounge and bar bursts out of its glitzy interior to occupy half of Concert Square.



Leisure & Hospitality

Yates Bar
Case Study

Yates Bar

As part of an extensive renovation to revitalise the site, Yates’ Worksop needed to create a feature outside area to offer a welcoming and sheltered environment all year round.



Leisure & Hospitality

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JR Duox Brochure Digital Resolution 2022


Wing-Line Brochure



JR Video thumbnail

Freestanding Awning: The Duox

See the Duox in operation at the NRB'22 Showcase

JR Video thumbnail

Modo, Liverpool

Modo, Liverpool was rapidly become one of the city’s most popular nightspots, but with so much of its entertainment space outside, it had a problem – when the rain started, the fun stopped...


Questions People Ask About Free Standing Awnings

Do you supply free standing patio awnings?

Yes, we manufacture and supply free standing awnings for patios. Our awnings can be used for numerous spaces including patios, terraces, rooftops and gardens. If you’re unsure if your space is suitable, reach out to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Do these products need any kind of wall or additional support?

No, as the name suggests these products are completely self-supporting and can be placed away from any building or external support.

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.

Whatever your need. Our friendly team will talk you through your options.