Sustainability benefits

Sustainability Benefits

There are both environmental and financial benefits to using solar shading products in buildings. Learn more about that here.

Reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 22% with solar shading solutions, minimising your carbon footprint and supporting a more sustainable future.

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Discover how our products can help you save energy and money

Shading solutions can be an effective way to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort levels in a building. Michael Lewis, an expert from E.on, emphasized the importance of energy efficiency by stating that properly insulating 19 million homes, can save energy equivalent to six nuclear power plants. This staggering statistic not only highlights the cost-saving benefits of energy efficiency but also its critical role in creating a sustainable future by reducing overall energy consumption.

  • External Shading Solutions

  • Internal Shading Solutions

DID YOU KNOW? Any new commercial or residential building must have a ‘strategy for reducing overheating’!

Planning Permission Part O1> Reasonable provision must be made in respect of a dwelling, institution or any other building containing one or more rooms for residential purposes, other than a room in a hotel (“residences”) to— (a) limit unwanted solar gains in summer; (b) provide an adequate means to remove heat from the indoor environment.

Visit the Gov approved document

Do you have ‘acceptable strategies for reducing overheating risk’?

"Limiting solar gains 2.7 Solar gains in summer should be limited by any of the following means.

  1. Fixed shading devices, comprising any of the following.
    1. Shutters
    2. External blinds
    3. Overhangs
    4. Awnings

Our Passive Energy Saving Solutions

Why choose external shading

External shading is widely considered the most effective approach to minimising heat gain, as it intercepts solar radiation before it reaches the window. With the ability to obstruct up to 90% or more of solar gain, it can lead to a large reduction in energy usage and costs over an extended period.

External Blinds

Intercept solar gain before it reaches the glass for optimal performance

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Expand your outdoor living area with protection from the sun

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Provide all-weather protection for your outdoor space

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A reliable, long-lasting solution to sun and rain protection

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Why choose internal shading

Internal shading is a cost-effective alternative that works great in conjunction with automation systems. EnergyPlus building modelling studies have shown that implementing internal shading can lead to a 16% reduction in air conditioning consumption, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Indoor Roller Blinds

Achieve superior light and temperature control with blackout or thermal rollers

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Skylight Blinds

Manage heat and light all year round for better comfort and wellness

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Vertical Blinds

Transform your space and create the perfect balance of privacy and light

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Shade Sails

Experience shade and aesthetic appeal simultaneously

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Explore the research that backs up our thinking

We work hard to understand the science behind solar shading, learn more about that here

Testimonial background
It’s like having an al fresco dining room! It’s been a real wow factor for all our friends and visitors.

Jordan Ritchie, Home Owner

We are thrilled with the Shade Sails by James Robertshaw and we know the children and teachers are too.

Anne Hamilton, Head Teacher

Evelina Children’s Hospital School
The blinds really suit the contemporary, urban aesthetic of the building.

Pete Smith, Home owner

We needed a quality product for our apartments, one that would be robust but wouldn’t break the bank.

Lee Hill, Sales & Lettings Director