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Venetian Blinds

Install attractive exterior aluminium venetian blinds as a stylish choice for total solar gain and solar light control. External installation is more efficient than indoor wooden blinds. You can choose from a dozen superb slat colours to create the perfect look for your building.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Key Features

Each exterior venetian blind is engineered to protect your home or business from harmful UV rays, save money because of temperature control, and give you complete control of the amount of light entering the room.

Weatherproof Outdoor Blinds

Our exterior blinds are made from incredibly durable material. They are fully waterproof and can stand up to any weather conditions the great British isles can throw at them. Operations can be automated and managed by remote control.

High Performance Venetian Blind

An external venetian blind is a great alternative to an indoor blind because it offers better thermal and light control. The blinds sit outside the glass, so they can completely eliminate any unwanted heat gain from the sun.

Your Style Outdoors

External blinds are perfect for patio doors, larger windows, and glass rooms. Each installation is made to measure so you will have a perfect fit. Venetian blinds come in over thirty different colours so you can choose one that suits your most inspirational ideas.

Smart Automation

Each venetian blind can be operated by a hand crank that is engineered to provide smooth operation for many years. Electric, remote-controlled blinds are also available in some models. These can be combined with smart home automation systems to open and close automatically.

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Save money, reduce bills and save the environment.

Any of our products that hold our passive energy saving seal, aren't just cost saving by lowering energy bills but as a results are also more sustainable for the planet

Understand Energy Saving

Find the Perfect External Venetian Blinds for Your Windows

You can install outdoor venetians on almost any window you could fit an indoor blind to. There are even more options, too. You can install these on gazebos, larger glass walls, and in any window you choose.

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Enviroline Blinds

Enviroline blinds are clean venetian blinds with a choice of slat shapes. Each blind is made to measure and will be a stylish addition to your building.

  • Available in over 30 slat colours and four shapes
  • Choose from different pelmets
  • Maximum exterior size is 5000mm x 5000mm
Enviroline Blinds
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Case Study


This is a complete Passsivhaus, so light and heat control were very important. James Robertshaw delivered venetian blinds that worked with the smart home automation system to do exactly what the homeowner hoped for.






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External Venetian Blinds

Commercial project: The Barefoot Barn, Dartmoor


Questions People Ask About Our External Venetian Blinds

What is an exterior venetian blind?

These are durable horizontal blinds fitted to the outside of the window. They ensure a high level of choice for how much light enters the room. External blinds are more efficient than internal blinds because they can drastically lower solar heat gain.

How do venetian blinds work?

External blinds work in the same way you expect internal blinds to work. There is a gear and cable mechanism for opening, tilting, and closing the blinds. For some models, an electric motor can be added to make operation even easier.

Are they available in different colours?

Yes, we have over thirty colours to suit your style and décor. For some customers, we have also added custom metallic finishes to suit the decor needs.

Are Venetian Blinds worth it?

Venetian blinds are very energy efficient. They are especially good at reducing unwanted heat gain from the sun because they block the sunlight before it reaches the glass. Outdoor shades can also lower from the ceiling, creating wind blocks in outdoor spaces. However, some blinds will need to be retracted in the event of really high winds.

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