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Vertical Louvre Blinds

A popular choice for easily adding shading control to commercial environments.

Our vertical blinds are a popular choice for commercial uses including education and health environments as well as offices. We have three products in our range:

  • V101: Ultimate – Designed and developed specifically for clinical environments, the Ultimate is made from stainless steel sprung carrier components, welded concealed weights, and wipeable PVC material preventing concealment of unwanted bacteria, germs and dust.
  • V102: Premium – A versatile vertical blind system developed for demanding environments and heavy use environments such as schools and the work place. Convex rigid vane options are available.
  • V103: Standard – An affordable vertical blind system delivering performance and reliability. All you could ever need from a Vertical Louvre is available within the collection, from classical clean simplicity to high performance solar control fabrics and blackout fabrics for total light control.

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