Roof awnings

Roof Awnings

The perfect accompaniment to protect and shade roof structures and glass veranda systems.

Roof Awning key features

Roof awnings are designed to compliment glass roofed products such as Pergolas. They provide additional control over sun protection.

Create shading over another structure

A roof awning will accompany a fixed structure such as a glass room or glass pergola to provide shading from solar glare on sunny days. Pair the Verastor-Sky with other James Robertshaw products to create your perfect outdoor space.

Control light and heat glare

Increase or decrease the amount of heat and light that enters your space. Automation provides ultimate control over the atmospheric conditions beneath the covered area. This will help you maximise your space in both sunny and overcast conditions.

Retractable by nature

Awning roofs are designed to retract from fixed glass structures to open up your space when desired. These guide piston systems ensure all our performance fabrics are kept taught and tidy whilst providing an elegant finish to your roof.

Commercial and residential options

These products work well in both commercial and residential settings. They can be paired with numerous products to add a high-quality and functional finish to protect glass ceilings from solar glare and unwanted heat gain.

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Save money, reduce bills and save the environment.

Any of our products that hold our passive energy saving seal, aren't just cost saving by lowering energy bills but as a results are also more sustainable for the planet

Understand Energy Saving

Find the perfect Roof Awning for your outdoor space

Our Verastor-Sky Roof Awning is perfectly adaptable to many products. It comes with a wide array of fabrics to choose from.

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Whether for a patio, veranda or freestanding space, James Robertshaw design and manufacture Roof Awnings to shade and protect large areas.

  • Guide piston system
  • Cover any glass roof
  • Minimum pitch angle of 10 degrees

Questions People Ask About Roof Awnings

Can you attach an awning to a roof?

If you have a glazed roof, like a Pergola or Conservatory, you can typically add a roof awning yes. It will depend on your particular make and model but at James Robertshaw we specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke solutions, so can almost always accommodate specific specifications. Speak to us today if you are unsure about your roof.

Where can you get an awning for roof terrace?

Often awnings are sold as part of a roof terrace solutions but not always. If you have a terrace pergola or glass room already in place and require a shading solution to accompany it, we will be happy to discuss and suggest the right product for your needs.

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