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Garden Parasols

Create a garden centre piece and place to relax, protecting your loved ones from the sun and rain.

Garden Parasol's key features

A garden parasol is an outdoor essential, keeping you, your friends and family cool and protected from the heat of the day. Versatile, hardwearing and attractive in equal measure, choose from a variety of models, colours and sizes. A garden parasol will provide protection from the weather whilst adding elegance and style to your outdoor space.

Provide important UV protection

Garden parasols provide much-needed UV protection on hot sunny days. If your family or loved ones are sensitive to the sun's rays, a well-placed umbrella ensures they can still enjoy being outside no matter how intense the glare gets.

Create a visual centrepiece

Our parasols are made to the highest standard from quality materials. They are functional but also elegant and can be used to create a striking focal point in your garden for when entertaining.

Cover large areas

A garden parasol umbrella can be made to cover very large areas. All our products are made bespoke so if you have a specific space you’d like to create something special for, speak to our team who can help visualise your dream covering.

Robust in all weather conditions

Our products are robust and reliable in many weather conditions. They can withstand storm wind and rain and will last for many years.

Find the perfect parasol for your garden

We have small garden parasols and (very) large options, with everything in between. All made from the best quality materials.

Enquire About Our Entire Range
MAY MEZZO Rund ohne Volant Pagode Lindau 231


The practical way the membrane canopy of the MEZZO is fixed, allows the parasol to be opened and positioned, when at an angle, stopping the parasol from swaying in the wind.

  • Available in 5 different sizes and shapes (up to 8m2, square)
  • Parasol rotates around the pole by 360 degrees
  • The canopy membrane is easy and quick to replace
MAY DACAPO Rund ohne Volant Rot 02


The DaCapo cantilever parasol is available with a crank to operate the horizontal adjustment mechanism for the cantilever arm. It is a versatile option, available with round, oval, rectangular or square canopies.

  • Available in 7 different sizes and shapes (up to 9m2, circle)
  • The ball joint allows the patio parasol to be positioned at any angle
  • Gas spring assisted, for straightforward height adjustment

Questions People Ask About Garden Parasols

Are garden parasols waterproof?

Yes of course (at least those made by James Robertshaw are). All our products are 100% waterproof and made from high-quality materials designed to last for many years, even in the worst of British weather.

How do you clean a garden parasol?

Before the garden umbrella is put away for the winter, it is useful to give it a clean. A soft brush is required, to clean away any detritus. A brush and a bucket of soapy water can then be used to wash away any dried dirt. Finally, rinse the garden parasol with a garden hose or bucket of water - make sure all the soapy suds are washed away. Finally, leave your umbrella to completely dry in the sun before putting it away. The textile consists of Duraclean® treatment and Teflon® finishing, with fluorocarbon coating, giving the textile protection against dirt, mold, and deterioration allowing for ideal water repellency and pollutants. OekoTex certified.

How should you secure a garden parasol?

A garden parasol can be secured in a number of different ways. These include: Cross pedestal, Full-frame pedestal, Granite base weight, Wheeled pedestal, Anchor plate, Base plate.

Where can I buy a garden umbrella?

At James Robertshaw, we manufacture and sell garden umbrellas of the highest quality. All our products are made bespoke to fit your unique specifications. Please contact a member of our friendly team for advice on how to arrange a quote.

How big can garden umbrellas be?

Well, they can actually be very large indeed. We receive requests for large garden parasol 9m2 options which could be considered quite big for a garden. However, we can cater for much larger requests than that. If you’re looking for an extra large garden parasol, please get in contact as we will almost certainly be able to accommodate you.

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