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Fixed Pergolas

Retractable glass and fixed glass structures integrate into any architectural environment of both private homes and commercial spaces.

Fixed Pergola key features

Fixed roof pergolas are manufactured to fit a bespoke space and remain in place. They come with lots of flexibility though and can adapt to your specific requirements.

Pergola with glass roof

Take advantage of our unique fixed pergola system with a glass roof option to create a stunning modern look that improves the clarity of its surroundings and protects from all weather environments. The elimination of a horizontal profile is a one-of-a-kind feature.

Durable structure

Built to last, we only supply high-quality manufactured fixed pergolas, like the W-Series Tupak which is the first roof of its kind validated by European standards for rain, wind and snow conditions. These structures will provide maximum light entry without compromising on strength and durability.

Bespoke Awning options

Our fixed pergolas can also be fitted with fixed or retractable awnings, giving you even more control over solar glare and heat regulation. Awning materials a durable and come in a huge variety of colours that can be designed to complement your surroundings perfectly.

Glass room creation

If you want to create the ultimate glass room extension to your home or business, customisation of our pergola systems is made simple by modularity, side blinds and perimetral closures, for easy use even when the weather isn’t great.

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Save money, reduce bills and save the environment.

Any of our products that hold our passive energy saving seal, aren't just cost saving by lowering energy bills but as a results are also more sustainable for the planet

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Create the perfect Fixed Pergolas for your space

A flexible pergola system with a full glass roof and sides, allows you to create a glass room to suit your outdoor space and style.

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JR W Series Retractable Glass Roof Llaza 10 2022 08 11 132612 jvkt


With a clean, modern look, and a design that provides improved clarity users can enjoy an authentic glass roof all year round.

  • No horizontal profile on the structure
  • Modular system that can expand into your space
  • Optional led lighting and heating installation


Retractable Glass Pergola Brochure


Questions People Ask About Our Fixed Pergolas

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a garden or terrace feature using vertical support posts to support a flat, tilted or curved roof. They can be made from solid materials with either wood, metal, canvas or glass roofs. A pergola is designed to protect from the sun and rain and create a usable space outdoors in all weather conditions.

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