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Outdoor Roller Blinds

Control unwanted sunlight and temperature gains with outdoor roller blinds from James Robertshaw. Our external roller blinds are waterproof, windproof, and can be customised to fit any outdoor space.

Outdoor Roller Blind Key Features

Outdoor blinds are designed to protect windows and interiors from harmful UV rays, control the temperature indoors, and can even be deployed to reduce wind gusts. These versatile roller shades are adjustable so you can choose the amount of natural light you let into the space.

Weatherproof Outdoor Blinds

Our exterior blinds are made from incredibly durable material. They are fully waterproof and can stand up any weather conditions the great British isles can throw at them. Operations can be automated and managed by remote control.

High Performance Outdoor Shades

All our external blinds are engineered for year round reliability. Side cables keep the shade under control in the wind. Zip side guides can be used for a tighter fit when more sun and heat control is required. Outdoor blinds are more efficient than indoor blinds because they keep the sun off the windows.

Your Style Outdoors

We can install any outdoor roller blind in our range with stylish fabric, a wide range of colours, or your own graphics. Roll them up to enjoy the view or roll them down to showcase your style choices. You can also install them to lower into place as a temporary wall around an outdoor porch or patio.

Smart Automation

Sure, you could use a pull cord to open your roller blind. But there is a better choice. Discover the convenience and comfort of automated roller blinds connected to your building’s smart controls. Your external blinds can open and close reliably on your schedule without you lifting a finger.

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Save money, reduce bills and save the environment.

Any of our products that hold our passive energy saving seal, aren't just cost saving by lowering energy bills but as a results are also more sustainable for the planet

Understand Energy Saving

Find the Perfect External Roller Blinds for Your Windows

You can install an outdoor roller blind on almost any window you could fit an indoor blind to. There are even more options, too. Our roller shades can lower along the open sides of a patio, balcony, or gazebo to offer protection from sun, wind, and rain.

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Eliminate® 500 Zip Blinds

Eliminate® 500 Zip roller blind systems provide maximum functionality thanks to their welded seams and zip technology that fit into the side guide channels.

  • Install in any outdoor space with a choice of fabrics
  • Tight side seals or cables ensure superb durability
  • Maximum exterior size is 5,000mm x 3,000mm
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Elite 120 Blinds

The Elite Blinds provide a protected environment. It ensures that your venue permits plenty of light and ventilation.

  • Guide rails a motors combine to create a tight fabric wall
  • Fabric, rails, and covers available in many colours
  • Wall, ceiling, or soffit installation options
Eliminate® 500 Zip Blinds
Elite 120 Blinds
Old Spitalfields Market
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Case Study

Old Spitalfields Market

With 4 large open entrances, wind tunnelling and cross winds created uncomfortable environments for both residents and visitors. We installed one of the UK’s largest outdoor blinds at 8.4 metres in width. From beginning to end, we delivered the project within four weeks.


Bespoke Outdoor Roller Blind

Leisure & Hospitality

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Case Study


We helped achieve Passivhaus certification, providing the highest level of insulation, thermal isolation, and passive heat control. Four Eliminate outdoor roller blinds helped cover the windows when necessary to shade the room and allow just the right amount of sunlight into the room.


Eliminate 500, External Roller Blinds


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Residential project.

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Outdoor Bar & Hot-Tub Roller Blinds

NuttHutt, Bury


Questions People Ask About Our Indoor Roller Blinds

What is an outdoor roller blind?

Outdoor roller shades are fitted to the exterior of the window. They are made from waterproof and weatherproof fabric. The sides of the shades usually follow a tensioned cable or have teeth that zip into a side channel.

How do roller blinds work?

The tensioned roller blinds extend and retract when desired. Our blinds can be operated with a pull cord or automated with remote controls. They can also be connected into an automated smart home system.

Are they available in different colours?

Yes, we have hundreds or colours to suit your style and décor. They can also be used with shade fabric, insect screens, or thermal protective material.

Are Roller Blinds worth it?

Roller blinds are very energy efficient. They are especially good at reducing unwanted heat gain from the sun because they block the sunlight before it reaches the glass. Outdoor shades can also lower from the ceiling, creating wind blocks in outdoor spaces.

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