The Versatility of a Roller Blind in the home

Whilst we love letting the light into homes, offices and communal spaces, particularly with this delightful weather we’re having, there are of course times when the light needs keeping out. We love enjoying the longer days, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our nights! This is where the roller blind family can showcase their versatility.

The Roller Blind: A Versatile Offering

When you think of roller blinds, what do you picture? A beaded cord which you can never pull the right way? Think again. Roller blinds have evolved.

Roller blinds which can provide light protection often come in various materials, so depending on how dark a room needs to be, up to blackout level, there is a solution for all. Innovation has allowed for roller blinds to become increasingly motorised, using smooth rollers which eradicates safety concerns of strings or cords amongst children, visitors or employees, wherever they are.

Choosing a Roller Blind

The choice for a roller blind may not be an easy one. After all, the aesthetic of the room must be considered; does it need to match the décor, must it be a particular colour, and does it need to help with heat, draught and noise reduction, too?

From a transparent panel to a full blackout, the spectrum of Roller Blind variety is vast. They are an extremely tidy, clean and chic addition to any room, be it at home, in the office, or like one of our customers, for the log cabin! See the video here.

As demand for room darkening products increases, as does the choice of products available to suit all needs. Here at James Robertshaw, our R101 Eliminate® blinds have been specified for both residential and commercial projects, providing high quality, classy room darkening solutions up to 5m x 4m, in a single solution.

Personalised Roller Blinds

Mini Eliminate roller blind in child's room

Depending on the installation, colour choices and patterns or on-product branding can provide the extra personal touch to look smart, sleek and unique all of the time. Colour choices and on-product branding or imagery give James Robertshaw products the extra personal touch to look smart, sleek and unique all of the time. An added piece of imagery on the roller blind can add a whole extra dimension to a room. Just take a look at how cute this patterned one for a little girl’s bedroom is!

Eliminate® the glare

Are you looking for a solution to dim the glare of the sun, keep some warmth inside or completely blackout your room for a better sleep? We have the solution. With high quality materials and our bespoke service, we are confident we can find the solution that’s right for you. Last of all? They are all handcrafted here in the UK.

Make your home a place where guests are happy to visit all year round with James Robertshaw’s extensive awnings collection and additional outdoor ranges.

For inspiration to find your perfect match, explore James Robertshaw’s Roller Blinds collection and see just how bespoke our solutions can be here.

To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch with us directly.

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