Richard Higham Retirement, June 2024

Due to ill health, it is with sadness and regret that we have to announce the retirement of Richard Higham. Richard has been a loyal and long serving member of the James Robertshaw family for over 42 years where he has led the operations and production sector of JR with energy, good humour and innovation. Always relating positively to both colleagues, suppliers and more importantly clients of the company, Richard has provided sound technical advice and guidance with all things relating to sunblind products and automation.

With his unflagging drive and determination coupled with Bolton humour and one liners he inspired and motivated his team to produce high quality products. Alongside Nigel, Richard has always innovated and strived to “think outside the box” to find solutions to problems that no other company would be prepared to consider. With their heads together in “Invention Corner” Nigel and Richard would create prototypes for various new styles of product requiring weeks and months of testing prior to launch in the marketplace. This was R&D with a real creative flair. “Where Angels fear to tread” is a phrase that could be attributed to Richard. He knew no fear and seldom doubted his ability to deliver an excellent product on time and to a very high standard. With his enthusiasm and encouragement, he rallied his troops to give of their best at all times. Richard has always been a great wheeler dealer and excellent at negotiating with suppliers for the best possible outcome for JR. He has been very well liked despite driving a hard bargain.

On retirement, Richard has left a legacy of commitment, loyalty and innovation to inspire those members of the team to follow his example. Richard has been greatly loved and respected by all his colleagues and friends at JR and we wish him well in his retirement.

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