The Wedding Edit: The Pergola

With such an exciting Royal Wedding weekend ahead of us, now’s the perfect time to get thinking all things weddings. According to the Office for National Statistics, May to September are the most popular months to get hitched. Using information on the number of weddings in the UK since 1990, those five months have sustained popularity. So, you know what that means? It’s Wedding Season! Venue owners, and those of you looking for wedding ideas, we present to you the quirk you seek: The Pergola.

The Venue

For the couple looking to get married, it can seem overwhelming trying to decide on where to stage the big day. Go abroad for the holiday feel, but sacrifice being surrounded by extended friends and family? Or, sacrifice the abroad wedding to share the fun with loved ones?

It’s tough. Venue owners will understand each client’s difficulty in deciding between a multitude of wonderful wedding ideas. After all, it’s a big milestone, and it’s got to be done right.


The Open Space

Open spaces and industrialised architecture are becoming popular wedding ideas and growing trends for 2018 and beyond. Couples can host a modern wedding which maintains character. Hitched Wedding Planning’s editor, Rachel, explains that it’s all about natural light and stripping things back. Keeping things minimalistic can give a unique and alternative edge to couples searching for individuality.

We’ve heard of tipis, marquees and conservatories. How can we take the party outside, or bring the outside in, whatever the weather? How about a Retractable Roof Pergola, which, if the weather is nice, can facilitate an open-air wedding with the abroad feel?

Quirks in venues can vary from small but effective additions to layouts, to changes in the entire atmosphere of the occasion. If we look at unique venues, natural light and stripped-back settings are expected to become more and more popular. Marquees and tipis are not as versatile in allowing natural light through, whereas with conservatories, the majority have scope to let in a lot of natural light. Areas can stay light and bright. We know that conservatories can end up very warm in the summer heat. Too hot, you may say.

The beauty of a Retractable Roof Pergola lies in its effortlessness to transform spaces. They don’t have to make a big song and dance, they do their thing and you do the rest. Open, or closed.


The Retractable Roof Pergola

If you have not yet seen a Retractable Roof Pergola in action, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have walls, others just have the retractable roof system. A strong option to cater to all kinds of wedding needs.

Picture it. The sun shines down on the venue as the couple prepare for the big event. The Pergola roof retracts to let the sun’s rays in on the action as the ceremony commences.

Alternatively, the wedding reception is in full swing, an open-air party for the newlyweds and their nearest and dearest. It’s certainly something to remember, isn’t it?

Let’s not forget, of course, as the sun sets and the night gets darker, the Pergola can revert to its original position, bringing light and warmth to the crowds to continue the celebrations.

With such a versatile product, from the eyes of the couple or the eyes of the owner, there are so many opportunities to maximise on Pergolas all year round. Don’t forget, there can be the occasional sunny day in October!

Make your venue one which can accommodate for special occasions all year round with James Robertshaw’s All-Weather Pergolas and additional outdoor ranges. To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch with us directly.

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