Restaurant Awnings: Can you experience 30% increase in turnover?

Who knew that restaurant awnings could significantly improve overall turnover? It's agreed that many restaurateurs miss out on information about this simple change to their business which can make big dividends in the future by up to 30% on average.

But how? Awnings provide much needed space to restaurants, allowing seating to be placed outside which not only entices customers promoting a street side venue, but also by improving the overall aesthetics; especially with happy customers outside. Bespoke restaurant awnings provide a professional look to a restaurant, much like outside dining areas in many European countries.

There is evidence through additional research by the Simons Advisory Group that a $200,000 (£135,000) investment increased overall sales and revenue by up to $500,000 (£338,000). This could be more if your restaurant offers a year round outdoor seating area. A further example of this is found in Manchester, a well known hub of activity including entertainment and food called the Metropolitan.

Among Manchester’s most popular and regularly visited pubs, the Metropolitan wanted to make more use of the outdoor space during the cold, wet, unforgiving winter months when diners prefer to eat inside. So when the establishment became increasingly busy, unfortunately staff would have to turn customers away. James Robertshaw came up with a fully automated, modular all weather system for the restaurant, allowing diners to move outside when the weather was more tolerable or when the restaurant was truly heaving. Customers began to flock once again to the Metropolitan, realising they now had the option to dine “Al Fresco”. It has been quoted that customers loved it so much, annual returns on the investment were up just over 500% in the first year.

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