Electric Patio Awnings: Simplify Your Home Life

With the rise of Artificially Intelligent devices turning our once non-smart (…stupid?) homes into smart homes, is there a better time than the present to look into the future? According to YouGov, smart speaker ownership has doubled in the past 6 months. This concerns the likes of the Amazon Echo, Google Home and their families. Now is definitely the time to jump on this trend, as it looks like it’s only set to get bigger. If you can order extra groceries by speaking out loud, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t open your electric patio awnings with your voice. Yes, that means you don’t have to go hunting for the remote.

Smart Technology

It started with voice recognition on our smartphones. We got used to it. We’ve all asked Siri a few silly questions, often jokes it wouldn’t know the punchline to. With the alarmingly fast development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), our smartphones have been overtaken by Smart Speakers, or Home Assistants. A clever little bot on hand to answer those questions we can’t quite remember the answer to, instead of Googling it. A voice activated speaker. A clever shopping list.

While it may be hard to comprehend, smart tech creators now believe they could make a smart home which “could save your life”. The Independent reported that these futurist developers aim to create a personal assistant which is so personalised to the user it can gauge their mood and their health. It would know the user inside out!

James Robertshaw electric patio awnings

Smart Homes

So, the future of smart tech might sound a bit too personal. But picture a home where you can turn the lights on, call a friend, turn the heating up and activate home CCTV, to name a few. These things aren’t creepy. They’re handy!

Did you know some of these devices can also teach kids to use their manners, not performing actions until the child says please? An added bonus in the home and out.

I digress. A little help at home can feel like a bit of light relief.

Imagine laying on your sun lounger in the garden, the sun gets a bit too hot and you need some shelter. Just say “[Device Name], open awning” and then the electric patio awning opens without you having to even stand up?

Imagine you’re entertaining guests out on the patio, clouds start to appear and you’re not sure if it may rain. “[Device Name], open awning” and there’s an extra layer to keep the guests outside a little longer.

electric patio awnings - James Robertshaw

Electric Patio Awnings

The great thing about electric patio awnings is that they come with a remote control, but it is so easy to connect them up to your home assistant or smart speaker. For those worried about the smart device invading your personal space, the remote is very easy to use. But for those who already have enough remote controls to look after, or really don’t want to get off the sun lounger to search for the remote, why not make it a smart awning?

If the ownership of home assistants continues to grow as it is, who knows, it may become the norm. Not only electric patio awnings, but hands-free ones. This will mean you can keep your hands free for some barbecuing or topping up your guests’ drinks.

Make your home a place where guests are happy to visit all year round with James Robertshaw’s extensive awnings collection and additional outdoor ranges. To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch with us directly.

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