Don’t Let Business Freeze: 3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Cosy This Winter

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, and the morning commute has become just that little bit more difficult to endure – all of which can only mean one thing: winter is here.

But although moods may be getting a little lower, that doesn’t mean that takings should fall as well; with bars, restaurants and cafés all in a great position to provide some cosy and warming experiences this winter – and to do it successfully.

To make sure you get as much out of your premises as you do in the summer, we’ve compiled a few short but sweet ways to keep the customers coming and the takings flowing this winter. Enjoy!

Embrace Hygge

Last Christmas, we couldn’t move for the sudden influx of Hygge-related books, articles and lifestyle suggestions. The Danish concept of cosy living really struck a chord with us Brits, with many embracing the candlelit winter nights, clad in the woolliest of jumpers, hot chocolate in hand.

hygge inspired restaurant

This year, with reports of the coldest winter in five years already making us shiver in our snow boots, Hygge is sure to be a trend we’ll be relying on once again. For those in hospitality, this is the perfect opportunity to maintain customer levels even when it’s frightfully cold out.

By drawing from Hygge and introducing soft lighting, warm versions of your customers’ favourite drinks, and plenty of indoor activities, you’ll likely find people clambering to snuggle up and spend some money inside.

Baby, it’s Cool Outside

If we’re being honest with ourselves, British winters aren’t so much about postcard-perfect snowy days anymore – it’s much more likely to drizzle and be windy. But whatever the weather is doing, your outdoor space shouldn’t have to suffer from lack of use as a result.

outdoor heater

With our P-Series of products, you can provide customers with some welcome respite from the rain, whilst still making use of the space on offer. For additional coverage, our W-Series retractable pergola helps to facilitate a quick seasonal transition no matter the weather.

Add some outdoor heaters and blankets to the mix, and your customers won’t be able to resist seeing the cool (not cold) side of being outdoors. For you, that’s extra business where perhaps winter has previously limited seating options.

Offer Seasonal Treats

Once Christmas is over, the reality of how long winter really is sets in. Suddenly, we’re faced with two extra months of dark early mornings and dreadful weather without anything fun to look forward to.

valentines meal

With that in mind, be sure to create some winter offerings that your customers won’t be able to resist, such as Valentine’s Day specials, frequent quizzes and karaoke, and seasonal foods on the menu.

Spring Always Follows

These are just a few suggestions, but you may also have your own ideas for keeping customer numbers up in the period before and after Christmas.

Spring blossom

Whatever you do, don’t get the seasonal blues that see business slow down: embrace a few small changes and watch customers continue to spend time with you throughout even the coldest months. Who knows: come spring, you may even have attracted a new, loyal band of customers!

Want to find out more about James Robertshaw’s P-Series parasols, or our W-series pergola? Feel free to explore our range, or if you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to get in touch directly – we’d be happy to answer your queries.

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