Interior Design trends for 2017

If you're like us, the welcome downtime over Christmas and New Year usually evokes a time of reflection. It's during this reflection that you start to think about what you might like to achieve in the following year. Cue New Year resolutions and a renewed enthusiasm to take on exciting projects!


Projects often originate around the home first. Advertisers know this well, bombarding us with sofa and DIY sales. Perhaps it's after Christmas lunch and you're staring at the wallpaper in a turkey-comer and you realise, this wallpaper could do with an update. Maybe you notice an unused space in the room, or the opposite - your family has now outgrown your space and you're thinking now's the time for an extension.

If you're thinking about tackling projects around this house this holiday, the following articles might help and inspire you. We'll pulled out some of the design trends tipped to be big in 2017.


A new colour on the walls can totally transform a room, and cost fairly little. If you're hesitant to introduce darker or bolder colours, pick one feature wall to try the colour on first before considering whether you want to take on the whole space.


Elle Decor published their colour trends for 2017 earlier this month. We're fans of the dusky blue.

If you want to get super designer-y geeky, it was announced earlier this month that 'greenery' is the Pantone colour of 2017. What does that mean? We're not really sure, but it's trivia worth knowing that you can drop into the conversation at your next dinner party.

When it comes to exterior blinds or retractable awnings, you might think you'd be restricted by the colours available, but we're happy to say that at James Robertshaw, we manufacture bespoke products and will go above and beyond to design and manufacture a product that is both functional, stylish and unique to you. Even if not using fabric (as we would with a retractable awning or parasol for example), we're able to powder coat exterior blinds so they match your requirements, or those of the local council if you're in a conservation area.

Interior Design Trends

There are plenty of interior design blogs out there, full of inspiration. Here are a few of our favourites.


House Beautiful - their interior design home trends include tropical plant pictures, untreated walls and large maps.

Elle Decor, as we've already mentioned have highlighted in their look forward to 2017 - butterflies, mixed patterns and faux finishes.

If you're not a fan of minimalism and prefer a more softened or 'lived in' look, you're in luck accord to Houzz. They have a happy and eclectic mix of styles on their blog.

Brit + Co push the boundaries a little further, with cork walls and furry furniture. The look is nicer than you might imagine.

Space - New or Reimagined

With rising prices and nation-wide shortages, house buying isn't as easy as it once was. Home owners are instead looking for ways to make the home they have now work for their growing families. That might mean being a little more clever with storage, embracing minimalism or if able, extending or converting.

At James Robertshaw, 2017 looks like expanding the number of bespoke options we have for residential properties wanting to increase their outdoor space. One such option is the A101: SmartBox®. The SmartBox is our new and universal full cassette folding-arm awning for terrace, balcony and patio spaces. With distinguished features and elegant and timeless design, it's not just any ordinary retractable awning. To find out more, contact our sales team and look out for our high-end residential brochure out in the New Year.

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