5 Top Tips for the Best Spring Clean Ever

Despite the cold weather and dreary mornings, March is very much underway – which means it’s almost Spring Cleaning season. Are you prepared?

The team at James Robertshaw are big believers in the benefits of cleanliness, and all of our products are made with hygiene and sustainability in mind. We thought we’d share our enthusiasm for cleaning with you and offer a helping hand as housework fever takes hold. Feather dusters at the ready…

1. Tackle the Dirt Hiding in Unusual Places

Did you know that your remote control is swamped with cold viruses? That 26% of bathtubs are home to staphylococcus? Or perhaps that nearly a third of shower heads contain Mycobacterium avium – a bug linked to lung disease? No?

All too often, we stick to the obvious, highly visible areas to clean, putting our health at risk by missing these danger zones. But before you start wiping every unusual surface down with your trusty sponge, think about this: 75% of dish rags and sponges were found to host considerable amounts of salmonella, E. coli and fecal matter - a rate of 200,000 times filthier than a toilet seat. You can put a soaked sponge in the microwave for 1 minute to kill some of those germs - but remember to change regularly!

Make sure to extend your cleaning to any bathroom/kitchen vents, tops of cupboards and wardrobes, light switches, curtains etc., and at the same time, make sure to wash or change the cloth you're using.

2. Take care of Condensation

It’s not just the persistent chill in the air that can cause condensation in your home or office: simple every day activities like cooking and sleeping can contribute towards excess moisture. To counter condensation, be sure to regularly ventilate your home by opening windows and using an extractor fan, keeping furniture a small distance from the walls to prevent moisture damage, and thoroughly checking the perimeter of your house for drafts and water entering the building. Don't dry clothes or towels directly on radiators or heaters. If the sun makes an appearance, get them outside!

3. See the Difference in Your Blinds

It goes without saying that we’re big fans of clean, bright blinds for both their hygiene and the light control they bring to a room. Unfortunately, blinds are another area often overlooked during the Spring Clean, but one that can quickly become choked up with dust, diminishing the level of light in a room.

The easiest way to clean your blinds is simply to wipe them down with a moist cloth; the moisture preventing dust from dispersing in the air. If the dust is particularly thick, try using a rubber glove and white vinegar, wiping one slat at a time with a finger, dipping the glove in vinegar every few slats to remove collected dust.

Our V101: Ultimate vertical louvre blind system, as featured in this recent case study, was initially designed and developed with clinical environments in mind. The wipeable PVC material prevents concealment of unwanted bacteria, germs and dust.

For our architects and designers, our venetian blinds are also BIM ready.

4. Scrub Your Phone

It’s not unusual these days to find ourselves inseparable from our mobile phones. Unfortunately, all that handling and travelling makes your mobile phone the perfect environment for a whole host of nasty germs and bacteria. Using a microfibre cloth and cleaning spray will easily get your phone shiny and clean again. Make sure to avoid anti-bacterial wipes, as they’re more abrasive to the screen. Ideally, you should clean your phone more than once a year, especially if you have young children who like to grab it.

5. Get Creative with Household Items

A thorough Spring Clean doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank buying expensive and chemical-laden cleaning products. This Spring, try some more unusual tactics using items you’ll likely already have around the home. Cola, for example, can clean your toilet; a light spread of mayonnaise left overnight can take care of ring stains on wooden surfaces; heating up water, lemon juice and vinegar in the microwave for five minutes before wiping it down can make it sparkle without the scrubbing; and pressing down on a damp cloth with an iron can remove stains from the carpet. Sounds risky doesn't it, so here's a little video to show you how.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing and dusting, consider refreshing your blinds for a brighter outlook. Our PF-Series of blinds offers practicality, flexibility and safety in a range of styles. Need some help deciding? Request a call back from one of our team, who’ll only be too happy to help!

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