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Jordan Ritchie, Home Owner, Rawtenstall

A house extension like no other…



Project manager

Tony Garbe

Products Used

W-Series: Silver Pergola, Bi-Fold Glass, Glass Door

Project Brief

With a young and growing family, space within this traditional terrace home was at a premium. Upon consultation, it was decided to extend the property to accommodate the additional space so desperately needed. The beautiful and versatile W-Series isn’t just for restaurants and bars – enjoy the same control, style and impact in your home. Imagine the light of a conservatory with the protection of a built extension. Then imagine that you could roll it all away when the sun shines…


It was obvious that whichever solution we specified, there would be a need to augment and compliment the traditional design aesthetic of the house and garden space. This wasn’t just about adding a usable all-weather solution – it was about creating a bespoke environment that complimented the building. A W-Series: Silver retractable roof, with integrated and dimmable LED lights was the starting point, with bi-folding glass and an aluminium glass door for access to the garden.


Production of architectural drawings though our in-house architect, we manufactured the roof system and glass systems in our Bolton production facility. Our engineers used all of their expertise to ensure a flawless finish while attaching the system to the building, achieving the impression of a fully integrated and seamless outdoor dining room.


These magnificent fully retractable all-weather Pergola roof systems offer the perfect balance between al-fresco living and the weather protection we need in our unpredictable climate. At the touch of a button the bespoke handmade ceiling will slide back to create a completely open-air experience. But there’s more.

W-Series roof systems are compatible with a wide variety of bi-fold and sliding glass, retractable glass balustrade, doors, fixed glazing, lighting, heating and even wall panelling – the options are almost limitless to create a totally weather-sealed environment to keep you, your family and guests comfortable all year round. Combine with Somfy’s Tahoma®, a smart box that connects you to your home. Linking products to the Tahoma® app so that you can control and adjust them, whenever and wherever you like, from your smartphone. Would you like to switch off the lights and the roof with one simple gesture? Nothing could be easier with Tahoma®.

James Robertshaw. We don’t just find the solution. We create it.

“The W-Series has definitely exceeded our expectations. It’s everything you’d want from a conservatory and living extension, but on sunny days it’s like having an al fresco dining room! It’s been a real wow factor for all our friends and visitors.”

Jordan Ritchie

Home Owner

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