JR W Series Ricci Parasol Modo Concert Square Liverpool 53

Modo, Liverpool

When the rain starts, the party doesn’t stop!

Sector :Hospitality & Leisure

Solution :W-Series: Marine

Outcome :Created an additional 168m2 year-round outdoor covers and increased revenue generator

Project Manager :Matthew Garnett


Situated in the buzzing centre of Liverpool nightlife, Modo cocktail lounge and bar bursts out of its glitzy interior to occupy half of Concert Square. It’s rapidly become one of the city’s most popular nightspots, but with so much of its entertainment space outside, it had a problem – when the rain started, the fun stopped. Luckily, we had a solution…


Working in partnership with our friends at the CER Group, a project consultation was instigated with the client, along with a full technical site survey. The W-Series: Marine system was specified, proposed and approved by the client. Designed around a dramatic curved roof design, it can be designed as a modular system and can also be combined with multiple products to create almost unlimited coverage size and combinations. Its many key features that makes it unique include; its strength is unmatched in that it can withstand up to gale force winds, it has a unique steel middle post and cross frame from which we installed Tansun infra-red heaters and speakers for music. A unique LED lighting system is also integrated into the fabric rails, with the option to be dimmable.


For this project, we installed four systems connected, totalling 14,000mm width x 12,000mm depth, creating a staggering 168m2 of fully retractable weather-protected outside entertainment space. This results in providing tables and chairs for over 150 customers, open to the warmth and sun when possible, but completely covered, combined with heaters and lights, for when the weather turns, and the nights draw in. Creating this versatility, within a previously unusable space, has not only created a massively desirable destination for Modo’s clients, it has also made a return on investment of 450% within six months of launch!


The benefits of our fully weather-protected retractable roof systems have been proven time and again in bars, restaurants and hotels across the country. Offering incredible return on investment in a crowd-drawing and crowd-pleasing design, the W-Series from James Robertshaw turns your outside space into a money-spinning desirable destination hotspot!

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