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NuttHutt, Bury

Scandinavian relaxation in the North-West of England



Project manager

Matthew Garnett

Products Used

Elite Outdoor Roller Blinds

Tansun Bahama Heaters

Project Brief

The owner of this property had one clear purpose in mind – create a truly luxurious bar and hot tub log cabin for family and friends to enjoy all-year round usage. But a traditional door and window solution would separate the NuttHutt from the garden, whilst also proving uncomfortable in the warm periods of the year. James Robertshaw were invited to design a solution to accommodate.


With many decades of experience installing external roller blinds of all shapes, sizes and materials, our team knew from technical survey that we could design and specify to manufacture a great product. The cabin required the blinds to be sealed when down to retain heat and cut out drafts and rain. And of course, they’d need to be remote operated through both remote control (and Google Home) so they could be sent up or down without leaving the hot tub!


We designed and manufactured the blinds at our production facility in Bolton, using the same industry leading Somfy motors that we use in all our automated products. The material was a high-performance, high-durability PVC fabric, heat welded to avoid stitches. Our expertise with these products meant the installation went smoothly and was completed within a few hours.


The blinds offer exactly the protection from the elements that the owners were looking for – great for keeping out those drafts and rain – but also offering the flexibility of being completely retracted during warmer periods. The NuttHutt was now an oasis of relaxation in almost any weather, and when the rain starts, the fun doesn’t stop…

James Robertshaw. We don’t just find the solution. We create it.

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Outdoor Bar & Hot-Tub Roller Blinds

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Scandinavian relaxation in the North-West of England

Creating a truly luxurious bar and hot tub log cabin for family and friends to enjoy all-year round.


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