Linley 800x2000

Linley House, Manchester

Improving work place comfort


Architects and Developers

Project manager

Matthew Garnett

Products Used

System 45 Roller Blinds

Project Brief

Solar shading – in all of its forms – is a passive and proven solution to overheating which has been in use for thousands of years. From the Colosseum in ancient Rome to the fully glazed Shard in modern day London, there’s no getting away from the fact our industry's products are effective at keeping buildings cool. Linley House offers up to 25,000 sq ft of prime office space in the heart of Manchester city centre. As part of a £700k refurbishment, the landlords were looking for new blinds to provide a comfortable working environment by diffusing light rather than blocking it.


Full site survey was scheduled and completed at the contractors request. Full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) was adhered to, as standard.


Installation and project management was carried out by the James Robertshaw team, and completed within the contractors tight timescale and within budget.


James Robertshaw came up with the ideal solution – a specialised perforated roller blind with a perspective performance fabric to deliver optimum computer screen comfort.

We gave James Robertshaw a detailed requirement. They put forward a range of product options, which they built to the exact specification. They’ve been very responsive, proactive and always make sure that the right solution is provided and the ultimate outcome is always in line with expectations.

Stephen T Evason

Managing Director, Contract Services

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