JR SK101 Eliminate Skylight Austin Hutchinson Cheshire 10

Austin Hutchinson, Home Owner, Culcheth

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Project manager

Matthew Garnett

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Eliminate Skylight

Project Brief

As beautiful as Austin Hutchinson’s enormous central skylight was, the thought of prying eyes after dark left his partner a little uneasy.


There were no off-the-shelf options available to fit horizontally across the glass ceiling, so James Robertshaw’s team of engineers set about devising a new, bespoke product. They created an innovative system which was branded the Eliminate Skylight and presented the unique solution to Austin along with a range of fabrics.


As the Eliminate Skylight was designed and manufactured by JR's team of engineer's installation was not a problem. Despite being a newly developed system, the installation team installed, project managed and commissioned the skylight within one working day. Built on a shelf 'L' aluminium profile, the Eliminate Skylight sits within the skylight recess on anti-static tape, within the L profile.


Even if the answer to our customers challenges aren’t available in our product range, our team of engineers and designers will find a solution, whether it’s customizing an existing product or creating a whole new system.

Not only does the new blind give us the peace of mind we wanted, but it also helps retain room heat.

Austin Hutchinson

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