JR A104 Wing Line The Retreat Restaurant Bolton 10

Retreat Restaurant, Bolton

Expanding space for a busy restaurant

Sector :Hospitality & Leisure

Solution :A104: WingLine, E102: Café Barriers, 4 x Tansun Rio Grande Heaters

Outcome :A104: WingLine, E102: Café Barriers, 4 x Tansun Rio Grande

Project Manager :Matthew Garnett


After nearly five years of continual growth, Retreat Grill, Bar & Restaurant faced a challenge – how to accommodate a growing number of diners whilst retaining the eatery’s warm atmosphere and charm. The existing terrace area hosted an additional 70 diners in good weather, almost doubling capacity, but when the temperature dropped or the skies opened, the space was virtually unusable.


Upon request, JR visited site, took the brief and budget parameters and specified a freestanding ‘butterfly’ awning, with café barriers and heaters. Due to the area being a flexible and large space, the A104: WingLine free-standing, double-sided awning was perfect! Protecting and shading areas up to 58m², it is an ideal solution for open-air restaurants, play areas and public spaces. The protective cassette consists of a 3-part, extruded aluminium section, protecting the fabric and arms from all weather conditions. The entire awning is supported by two steel uprights, which are bolted into the sub-frame using base ­plates.


Full installation, inclusive of all groundwork requirements, took a total of two days to complete.


James Robertshaw’s solution was a branded, double sided A104: WingLine awning system complemented with five new heaters and mood lighting. Not only does the new feature add to the restaurant’s style, but it generates additional revenue – it paid for itself in just six months with serious gains over the spring, summer and early autumn months.