The E-Series provides the practical accompaniment of Café barriers and side awnings to our wider A-Series and W-Series awnings collections.

  • E101: Side Awning perfect for large patio areas, creating a temporary wall to help make space private.  It is the ultimate companion to patio and terrace awning systems and helps provide shelter from cold drafts when dining outside.
  • E102: Café Barriers – our Café barriers add extra impact to the identity and branding of café and restaurant spaces as well as helping to practically define the areas of outdoor space for customers to use.
  • E103: Fixed Glass Planter Systems – a fixed glass planter system which is movable and visually impactive.
  • E104: Retractable Glass Planter systems –  Height adjustable (up to 2,200mm) balustrade system which is easy and flexible to use, visually impactive and can be raised and lowered with ease.
  • E105: Retractable Glass Balustrade – height adjustable (up to 2,200mm), automated and visually impactive. Can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button.
James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw