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Our Fixed Roofs

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James Robertshaw awnings are designed, and UK manufactured in a wide variety of options, from contemporary folding-arm awnings to traditional Victorian styles and modern roof systems. Ideal for all budgets and sites, their style and consistency will enhance your home or venue to stand out from the crowd.

  • Create flexible, dynamic shelter and shade, including folding-arm (A101), roof (A102), terrace (A103), freestanding (A104), drop-arm (A105) and traditional Victorian box (A106) design options
  • Manual or automated operational options
  • Create your bespoke appearance with a range of colours and branding possibilities
  • Industry leading wind classification
  • Full product and service guarantee, with maintenance options
  • 7-10 working day project delivery

Fixed Roofs Videos

These videos are designed to help you understand features and installation

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Our Fixed Roofs Range

Folding Arm Awnings

Discover an extensive portfolio of UK manufactured folding-arm awnings and solutions for your residential and commercial requirements.The Folding Arm Awning Collection is diverse in the variety of sizes and application, with over 200 awning fabrics either to blend into your décor, or on the contrary, to make a powerful statement.

  • A101: Bobcat – With its design and technology, the A101: Bobcat offers the perfect balance between efficiency, strength and lightness. The elegant design features aerodynamic lines that conceal the mechanical installation elements, helping it blend into the most distinguished applications. The design gives an impeccable appearance of great aesthetic value and high quality. Maximum sizes(mm): 4500(w) x 2500(p)
  • A101: Cheetah – A non-cassette solution, with a square bar, this strong and versatile patio awning is suited for both the residential and commercial marketplaces. Its elegant design will not look out of place in any application. Allowing multi-fixing elements combined with its compact dimensions, the A101: Cheetah permits installations into recesses and difficult spaces. Gain a larger width with up to 6 folding arms! Maximum sizes within a single section (mm): 6000(w) x 3000(p)
  • A101: Puma – The compact cassette effectively protects both the fabric and mechanism, providing a long awning life. Elegantly shaped end caps maintain a smooth design. High performance components and precision craftsmanship guarantee perfect functioning and longevity. The streamlined, high strength extruded brackets ensure simple and fast installation, even on difficult façades. Maximum sizes(mm): 5000(w) x 3000(p)
  • A101: Jaguar – The A101: Jaguar system is the strongest non-cassette patio awning manufactured in the UK. The 4000mm projection can withstand strong winds, whilst sustaining the sturdy and elegant properties required from an awning. Top quality fabrics and technical systems come together in the A101: Jaguar. Expert manufacturing will guarantee reliable functionality and durability. Maximum sizes(mm): 18000(w) x 4000(p)
  • A101: Panther – The A101: Panther system is the strongest patio awning manufactured in the UK. Even at a 4000mm projection it can withstand strong winds, whilst showcasing an elegant yet compact, sturdy awning. Multi-installation points with cross-over arm options allow for solutions in many applications. Only the finest technical systems and fabrics are used within the design. Top quality materials and precision craftsmanship go hand in hand to guarantee perfect functionality and durability. Maximum sizes(mm): 18000(w) x 4000(p)
  • A101: Cougar – Superior quality, superior technical systems and superior design – it is no coincidence that the A101: Cougar is setting new standards in patio awning systems. The strongest full-cassette premium patio awning system manufactured in the UK. No other systems can be installed with so many additions! With its innovative design, it is ideal for larger patio areas or design conscious commercial applications. Maximum sizes within a single section (mm): 6500(w) x 4500(p)

Roof Awnings

  • A102: Leopard – With its simple and elegant design, the A102: Leopard is designed to shade large sized square and rectangular glazed areas. Installing roof awnings to exterior building facades such as slanted conservatory roofs can control both solar heat gain and natural light glare without invading the interior. The awning can be retracted in accordance with weather and shading requirements. A slim, flush cassette ensures that fabric and components are protected from weather when retracted. Maximum sizes within a single section(mm): 5000(w) x 7000(p)

Terrace Awnings

  • A103: PergoLine – For the hospitality sector, this awning ultimately contributes to additional covers, longer dwell time and increased spending.The supported structure means that the frame remains in place when the awning is retracted.This robust and sturdy structure helps to project a positive profile and possesses impressive branding benefits.
 Maximum sizes within a single section(mm): 6000(w) x 7000(p) x 3000(h)

Butterfly Awnings

  • A104: WingLine – To make the most of al fresco dining and drinking, the A104: WingLine is the freestanding awning you need to shelter your customers. Designed to improve the appearance of outdoor commercial spaces and make them more inviting whilst protecting diners from the sun and adverse weather, you can prolong the time customers spend outside and maximise on covers. For additional comfort add heaters and lighting. Maximum sizes(mm): 6000(w) in single section

Drop-Arm Awnings

  • A105: Ocelot – The A105: Ocelot drop-arm awning is a neat and versatile sunblind. A very cost effective method of shading and screening; a sturdy, but lightweight, system. Operating from a fixed pivot point, the A105: Ocelot’s arm drop is the same as its projection. These sunblinds can be stopped in the position that is required. If low lying sun is a problem, they can be extended to 155° enabling to shade to cover most of the window if necessary. Fully protected by the means of its cassette, the A105: Ocelot is fully encased when retracted to keep it safe through all kinds of weather. Maximum sizes(mm): 4800(w) x 1600(p)

Traditional Victorian Box Awnings

  • A106: Victorian Box – Quintessentially British and still handmade to this day! Strong and practical, the structure of these awnings has lasted for centuries. A fantastic choice for buildings of historic value and conservation areas, the A106: Victorian Box awning can look equally as impressive for modern exterior applications. Maximum sizes within a single section(mm): 6000(w) x 3000(p)

Ancillary products:

  • Somfy automation options including Smartphone, Google Home and Alexa control
  • Tansun infra-red heaters
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Wind vibration sensor
  • Sun sensor
  • Branding
  • Millboard flooring

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