W-Series: Curve

Mercato Italiano brings a little piece of Italy to Cheshire. A major part of that was creating an inviting atmosphere that would work for both summer and winter. The existing rear garden was perfect for al fresco dining, but became unusable when the temperature dropped, the nights drew in and the rain started to fall.

Our strong track record in transforming bars and restaurants for year-round use meant we had the ideal solution: a magnificent 70 square metre W-Series curved roof pergola that would provide a sheltered open-air dining experience in summer and a fully enclosed luxurious restaurant and bar for the winter season.

“The W-Series hasn’t just been an all-weather solution. Because of the strength of the frame we were able to create a whole new room in keeping with our interior design scheme. It looks like it’s always been here and it’s doubled the size of our restaurant.” Ged Lynch, Owner

The motorised roof system is remote-controlled with integrated light fittings through the centre to maintain the interior design of the restaurant. When combined with floor to ceiling glazing and a glass entrance, our W-Series installation created 60 additional covers and a new bar seating area.

But Mercato Italiano wanted to go even further. Using the incredibly strong W-Series frame as a foundation, the walls were fitted with wood panels and brick-effect inserts, and plastered ceilings were added to the front and back, complete with skylights. By adding these traditional construction elements, we were able to create a room that could transform in a way that no traditional built extension could, yet maintain the building flow from the existing restaurant into the new area. Truly the best of both worlds, for Mercato Italiano and for their customers.

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James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw