The A-Series is our wide collection of different awning systems which can be installed to up to 18 metres wide, in a single reach, with projections from 1.5 metres to 9 metres. Lighting and heaters can be integrated into the installation, providing heat and comfort.

All awnings can be manufactured to suit any colour scheme, including patterns and branding. They can be fully automated or manually controlled and meet all health and safety standards.

  • A101: Folding-Arm Awnings – we’ve eight different patio awnings products in this range: Bobcat 250; Cheetah, Puma, Tiger, Zephyr, Jaguar, Panther and Cougar. Very popular with bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, these versatile patio awnings are not just functional, they help enhance your brand and street presence.
  • A102: Leopard –  Our roof awning is designed to shade large square and rectangular glazed spaces, particularly those at an angle, to help reduce heat and glare from the sun. The awning can be retracted in accordance with weather and shading requirements.
  • A103: PergoLine –  For the hospitality sector, this awning ultimately contributes to additional covers, longer dwell time and increased spending. Additionally, the A103: Pergoline has impressive branding and profile benefits. Promoting your brand on a more permanent basis with a robust structure helps project a positive profile.
  • A104: WingLine – The public are becoming more accustomed to al fresco dining and drinking. Designed to improve the appearance of outdoor commercial spaces, the free-standing A104: WingLine protects diners from the sun but more improtantly any adverse weather, providing reliable, durable and dynamic shelter to your customers.
  • A105: Ocelot – The drop-arm awning is neat and versatile, a very cost effective method of shading and screening. Operating with a fixed pivot point, the benefit of the drop-arm is that even with low lying sun, it can be extended to cover most of the window if necessary.
  • A106: Victorian Box Awning – Quintessentially British and still handmade today. Strong and practical, the structure of these awnings has lasted for centuries. A fantastic choice for buildings of historic value and conservation areas, the A106: Victorian Box awning can look equally as impressive for modern applications.

We are able to provide bespoke solutions to meet any challenge – from the smallest, most awkward spaces to large retail frontages.

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw