V:Series / Royal Oldham Hospital

The North West’s largest NHS Trust had a problem – newly installed blinds were breaking quickly and often because the plastic fittings were splitting under the strain of constant use by staff and patients.

The money and time spent replacing the blinds was impinging on the Trust’s £44m development programme, and wasn’t sustainable for future developments. After discovering there was no viable off-the-shelf alternative, James Robertshaw offered the perfect solution – a bespoke, resilient blind.

Working closely with the Trust, James Robertshaw created a strong, safe blind, which can withstand the pressures of hospital life. The new blind used anti-bacterial fabrics, metal instead of plastic, heat sealed pockets for weights, and a double bridge, anti-ligature operating chain. The adapted product was first fitted in the Royal Oldham’s new women’s and children development in 2012.

“With the introduction of the James Robertshaw blind, there haven’t been any failures or issues at all. We would have had to replace traditional blinds several times before the next refurbishment, whereas these blinds will last. We’re now rolling out the blinds as a standard across the Trust in all of our development schemes in clinical areas.”

David Shepherd, Principal Project Manager, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw