A101: Sunbox, Solamagic Heat-Light Bar / The Pointing Dog Clubhouse

After a long history of working together on Ged Lynch’s portfolio of North West restaurants, Ged appointed James Robertshaw to install the awnings at his new £1.5 million refurbishment project in Sheffield, The Pointing Dog Clubhouse.

Ged wanted to optimise the capacity for customers to enjoy the outdoors all year round by creating protection for up to 50 people on a platform area leading straight from the bar. James Robertshaw met the specification with a whopping 7m x 3.5m A101: Sunbox awning, two Solarmagic heat and light bars and four Solarmagic heaters.

“I always get a couple of prices just to check, but James Robertshaw are really competitive. They always are. All of our awnings are automatically retractable. A built-in wind vibration sensor protects them from being damaged and, at the same time, protects us from large repair bills.”

Ged Lynch, Restaurant Operator

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw