A103: Pergo-Line / The Lead Station, Chorlton

One of Manchester’s favourite bars, The Lead Station, wanted an awning to showcase the brand and raise the bar’s profile on the busy, fashionable Beech Road in Chorlton.

After owner, Nick, found James Robertshaw online, they specified a 3.6m x 4.2m A103: Pergo-Line awning, with a couple of Solamagic heater’s for a little extra evening warmth.

“I love the fact it’s on a fixed frame structure. Yes, it adds a level of comfort for our customers, but most importantly it’s incredibly visually impressive with a huge logo on the top; exactly what I wanted.”

Nick DeSousa, owner, The Lead Station

After a successful first job, Nick says he’ll be involving James Robertshaw in his next project.

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw