A101: Puma / R103: Roller Blinds / Croma

When the owners of popular Italian restaurant, Croma, opened their fourth location in Didsbury, they wanted to find a supplier who could match renowned designer, Enzo Apicella’s style and expectations.

That’s where James Robertshaw came in, providing three multifunctional A101: Puma patio awnings, five R103 roller blinds and seven SolarMagic 2kw heaters, which create a phenomenal on-street presence, along with providing outside cover and protecting diners from direct sunlight into the restaurant itself.

After such a successful project, Croma appointed James Robertshaw to install pleated skylight blinds in the new conservatory at their Chorlton restaurant.

“We sent James Robertshaw the architect’s drawings and they quickly came back with a couple of really interesting design options. Not only that – their pricing was the most competitive. I must admit, even if they had been more expensive I would have gone with them anyway, as their service is always so good.”

Michael Baker, Franchise Operations Director, Croma

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw