R103: Roller Blinds / AJ Bell Stadium

One of Greater Manchester’s elite sporting venues, the AJ Bell Stadium was struggling with a problem in its corporate boxes. Although the suites’ huge windows made perfect viewing for the action, the excessive heat, light and glare often made them uncomfortable, especially during business meetings.

James Robertshaw suggested installing 37 JR R103 roller blinds across 12 hospitality boxes, one suite and the control room – the specially developed solar shading cuts out the glare, whilst simultaneously maintaining the perfect view.

As a result, AJ Bell secured a 12 month booking of the Willow Suite from a client, who loved the venue but hated the glare, which covered the cost of the installation.

“James Robertshaw not only has a professional ethos with a good quality product, but they also have the personal touch. We’ve even got them back to the stadium to draw up plans for solar shading in our outside hospitality areas.”

Ruth Steenson, Stadium Manager, AJ Bell Stadium

James Robertshaw
James Robertshaw